• Increase your length
    of credit history

    Increasing the length of your credit history means keeping credit accounts open for longer periods of time. This is important because the length of your credit history is a major factor in determining your credit score. By maintaining long-standing credit accounts and avoiding opening too many new accounts at once, you can improve your creditworthiness and demonstrate stability to lenders. A longer credit history can also help you qualify for better interest rates and loan terms in the future.

  • limit your number
    of credit applications

    Limiting your number of credit applications or credit checks means avoiding applying for too many new credit accounts or allowing too many inquiries into your credit report. This is important because each new application or inquiry can lower your credit score and indicate to lenders that you may be taking on too much debt. By being selective about the credit you apply for and limiting the number of credit checks on your report, you can protect your credit score and maintain your creditworthiness over time.

  • Use different types
    of credit

    Using different types of credit means borrowing money from a variety of sources, such as credit cards, loans, and lines of credit. This is important because having a mix of credit types can demonstrate to lenders that you are able to manage different types of debt responsibly. By diversifying your credit portfolio and making payments on time, you can improve your credit score and increase your chances of qualifying for better loan terms and interest rates in the future. However, it's important to only take on debt that you can afford to repay and to avoid opening new credit accounts unnecessarily.

  • Use your credit wisely

    Using your credit wisely means being responsible and making smart decisions about how you borrow and repay money. This involves paying your bills on time, avoiding carrying high balances on credit cards, and not applying for too much credit at once. By using credit wisely, you can build a strong credit history and improve your financial well-being over time.

  • Monitor your payment

    Monitoring your payment history involves keeping track of your payments to creditors over time. This is important because payment history is a major factor in determining your credit score. By ensuring that your payments are made on time and in full, you can improve your credit score and demonstrate your creditworthiness to lenders. Keeping an eye on your payment history can also help you catch any errors or issues with your credit report before they become a problem.

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    Change Your Life

    Change Your Life

    Change Your Score

    Change Your Life

    Every year, Canadians discover the importance of their credit scores. Your credit scores are used by lenders to determine your credit-worthiness and it influences your ability to access certain financial tools and products.

    Healthy credit is one of the many factors that major banks and other traditional lenders require for approval for certain products, like mortgages, vehicle loans. It also determines the interest rate they charge you.


    Change Your Life

    There is no guaranteed formula to improve your credit scores, as there’s no single action that can improve your credit scores. Moreover, any action taken to improve credit will affect various consumers’ credit scores in different ways.

    The team at Change Your Score have comprehensive understanding of various factors and their relation to various credit scores and we leverage that to enable our clients maximize their credit scores and achieve their dreams.

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    Benefits of Higher Credit Scores

    Better Chances of Approval – When you’re applying for loans or other credit products

    Lower Interest Rates – Helps you qualify for lower than market interest rates

    Higher Credit Limits and Larger Loan Amounts – Get better credit limits and larger loan amounts than someone with lower credit scores

    Change Your Life

    April Dawn Simpkiss


    Helping families achieve their financial goals by providing them with a dynamic step by step, easy to follow Financial roadmap platform to help them achieve better debt solutions, lending credibility and budget ease. The platform secures a road map to help clients achieve wealth creation, through debt management, effective insurance, investment and income protection planning, with the clients’ goal in mind.


    Change Your Score

    Change Your Life

    If you’re interested in finding the right credit improvement service to meet your needs, Change Your Score can help. Whether you’re looking for the best secured credit card or are struggling to manage your debt levels, we have professionals to guide you through your transition journey.


    My credit score went from 435 to 722 in less than a year! It absolutely changed my life, now I can get a mortgage, a car loan and other loans with lower interest rates than I was ever offered before, if offered anything at all! Dani

    📍 Markham

    As a new graduate, I couldn't get a car loan and had no one to cosign for me. Getting my score up to 681 in 6 months meant the world to me, the road map literally got me on the road! Simon

    📍 Guelph

    I'm young and uneducated but an ambitious go-getter who wanted to start investing in real estate. Getting my credit score to 685 meant lenders were finally willing to look at me and I could start building my fortune! Changing my score really did change my life! William


    Changing mine and my husband's credit score has indeed been life changing. We approached this plan in the desperate hope of rebuilding after a bankruptcy and purchasing a home. We had zero reasonable options. Credit cards were not going to give us a shot and a secured loan was offered at 25% interest over 4 years. This customized roadmap has changed everything we understood about credit and taught us to make small adjustments each month and I was approved for an unsecured credit card with cash back and points and a car loan at a reasonable rate of interest. The world has options again with improved credit! Thanks so much for the road map. Totally worth it M.K